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‘Nomad Fashion’ represents the art and work of masters and artisans from Kyrgyzstan. We are proud to represent the creation and ideas of people who produce only natural garments using hands and nature! Our goal is to unite the artisans and masters from Kyrgyzstan and to share the beauty they produce with the rest of the world! We believe in philosophy of preserving our planet and nature, and we aim to live in harmony with the universe causing no harm or damage to our beautiful planet. Kyrgyz artisans and designers attend international exhibitions every year where they have earned numerous rewards for quality of the products, the ecological approval and clientele admiration. We represent different garments on Nomad Fashion. Each segment is prepared with certain accuracy and technology. Produced from felt, merino and pure silk, these handcrafted garments capture Asian beauty at its best with their unique designs, colors and attitudes. Each item will bring joy and warmth to your hearths and into your homes.