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1,800.00 USD

Size: 173cm x 342cm.

This colorful rug  is made by Aat Bashi masters. Aat Bashi -is the most remote place for the production of traditional Kyrgyz sherdaks. The sheep graze up in the mountains and in the open meadows, which helps to keep their wool soft and very clean. It is known, that up in the mountains bacteria does not live long due to the high altitude level. The sheep are happy and healthy, so is our rugs, as they are natural and live products!

The paints used in coloring process are made by masters and contain no chemistry, which makes them hypoallergenic and safe for kids.

To weave this gorgeous shyrdak will take 6 weeks, to deliver 5-7 working days. 

PLEASE REMEMBER! Our rugs are natural products!